ULTRAMAX-Advanced Process Management

List of Ultramax® Applications

Customers have applied Ultramax successfully in:

  • chemicals (a great variety),
  • food processing (cooking, smoking), coffee roasting,
  • soap / detergents,
  • fiber manufacturing, nonwovens,
  • paper making (including energy conservation), converting,
  • aluminum mills, 
  • machining and metal removal,
  • boilers for steam and electric power generation, combustion management (many applications, with emphasis on emissions control and fuel efficiency),
  • coal cleaning, SCR and SNCR, scrubbers, mills
  • pharmaceuticals: fermentation (antibiotics), encapsulation,
  • pigments and dyes,
  • painting and coating,
  • plastic manufacturing (including injection molding, extrusion, blow-molding)
  • composite materials, SCM,
  • welding and soldering,
  • semiconductor fabrication (photolithography, dry etching, film deposition, thermal processing and ion implantation).

and several other processes. 

A significant number of these applications have yielded bottom-line gains exceeding a few $1,000,000/year without changes to the production assets, just better management of process adjustments (even many with APC); as well as in Design and Development. 

An important perspective to realize is that the Ultramax® technology is unaware of the nature of the process being optimized – e.g., the software itself is the same for all the applications above.  What is specific about each application are: the input/output variables and the performance metrics that the user selects and enters into the software; and the operating data.  The rest is done automatically with very unique technology after 25 years of continual development, use and refinement. 

Ultramax is a generic performance optimizer which is effective and efficient for whatever set of metrics the customer selects for the operations of whatever system.  The key requirement is measurability. 

I may seem counter-intuitive that a generic solution is superior to industry-specific solutions.  The latter generally require the supplier to have extensive process-specific expertise in addition to understanding about the input/output variables and the desired performance metrics.  (There is one exception: optimization with first-principle models is more accurate when these models can be built and maintained more accurately than Ultramax’s internal, empirical models; but this approach takes considerably longer effort and time, as does neural networks.) 

YOU be the judge – let your technical experts check out our claims.  With Ultramax you have the option to have an effective technology that lets you harness quickly and simply optimization gains in multiple processes.


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Solvent Extraction
Splitter Tower

Food Processing
Cont Oven

Plastics / Materials
SCM Molding
Blow Molding
Injection Molding

Energy Savings
Paper Converting

Heat Treatment


Boilers, Utilities
Utility 1
Utility 2
Utility 3
Utility 4

Water Treatment